Rainbow Lorikeet


Turning elements to small text

Darwin outrageously suggests

that every flower has a bird

whose beak by nature gently turn’t


Comforted by the black and white

Of inked nature, new Earthen math

A how-to guide of what and why

the birds and bees and flowers laugh


Pity the man who pens his tests,

quells curiousity’s unrest

not because he is wrong or right

but Lorikeets, they mate for life


Yes, Lorikeets, they mate for life!

Now drag an answer from your beard

as to why two birds now appear

to pour pestilence in my chest


I ought have been born rainbow winged

and laughing I’d pick off the worms

with mottled feathers by my side

my other, rolling Jekyll bird


A wiser man would just relax

in proud malignant belt-notches

but birds like me we do not wear

old partnered tallies, Love’s botched jobs.